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Anonymous asked: chugga chugga chugga choo choo

Train noises remind me of two things. My mom’s job used to have yearly employee parties at Pizza Caboose… and then we went bowling. 

and de_train, which is a shit Counter-Strike map and I don’t recommend it.

Anonymous asked: ever thought of having a band? like a hardcore or shoegaze band maybe?

I have thought about it yeah, but the only things I’d be able to do are drums and yelling. I’ve been trying to learn guitar off and on recently so I could maybe try doing some solo stuff, but I’m not good enough yet to do that. As for being in a band, school would’ve gotten in the way until now, but besides that, I don’t really have any friends near me who would be interested in starting those sorts of bands. I’d love to though, yeah. 

Anonymous asked: I love your posts and I miss you dearly :(


Anonymous asked: The gist of it is that you are a white boy who invests time into typing drawn out posts on the internet justifying the belief in "reverse racism". Lets be honest you just wanted to talk about the plight of the whites, as if words and the narrative of reality and history hand't been dominated by white males. While you're at it why not go ahead and start talking about the original definition of the N word.

Anonymous asked: Test question

Test answer

Anonymous asked: (ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง

█▄༼ຈل͜ຈ༽▄█ you lookin for a fight stranger

Anonymous asked: Just for fun... KMFDM did the soundtrack for the SpiderMan 2 video game, which I never realized when playing the game. FLA's recent soundtrack for Airmech a year or two ago was also pretty good, but Combichrist's DMC soundtrack sounded too buttrock for me.

Oh man, I remember playing the Spiderman 2 game a toooon when I was younger, and the one of the PS1 also. I never knew that KMFDM did the soundtrack for the PS2 game though, that’s awesome. FLA has done so many soundtracks apparently… never played Airmech though. Combichrist did the soundtrack on the new DMC: DMC? That’s weird, but oddly fitting. Never played that game either though… I’ve never actually played any DMC games…

I think my favorite old industrial soundtracks came from the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series. That Frank Klepacki guy is/was super talented. I haven’t listened to any of the recent soundtracks he’s been a part of though.

Anonymous asked: The second game was done by an electro/industrial artist called Sonic Mayhem, and I believe that Front Line Assembly did at least some of Quake III Arena but that may have just been Team Arena and they're only credited in some places so I don't know who did most of the soundtrack. Also I think Trent Reznor at least did some sound work on Doom III.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TDb3FliTyY — That definitely sounds like something Front Line Assembly would do. man, that song was one of the many staples of my childhood. Old id Software just had a knack for picking the best people to work on their games. It’s unfortunate how far downhill they’ve gone with Rage… and Quake 4 to some extent, but I still had some fun with that. And with Carmack leaving and Bethesda’s acquisition, who knows what their future stuff is going to be like. Gone are id Sofware’s days of having awesome industrial artists do their sound design.

Anonymous asked: which quake was it asking about? I is easy, but II is pretty obscure and I'm not even sure who did the music for III

Yeah, just the first one. I have no idea who did the music for any of the other ones either.

Anonymous asked: dude that article is from the onion did u really take it serious

My only comment on it was “dang”

Anonymous asked: you're a great person, just relax and try not to focus on one particular thing for too long. you're going to be all right.

Many thanks m8

Anonymous asked: kiss me


Anonymous asked: thank god someone on the internet is brave enough to defend poor defenceless white dudes. you a hero for real bb hahaha

I’d look at it as more of a criticism of the people attacking the poor defenseless white dudes than a defense of the poor defenseless white dudes. Notice how I’m primarily discussing the SJWs’ actions, because there’s not a ton to talk about in regards to the white dudes’ actions; it was already established that they’d done something wrong.

Anonymous asked: u r a shit

Now I know how kylesbogusjourney must feel when people are mean to him.

Anonymous asked: What's wrong w twitch? (I don't have my own stream but a very good friend does so I was curious)

To summarize what’s going on:

A couple days ago, a streamer added a couple subscriber emotes to his stream. An admin, Horror, decided that they all violated the rules because they were copyrighted images and he was using them without permission. This was only true of two of the three emotes. This spurred a lot of Twitch’s users to point out other examples where admins had inconsistently enforced this rule. Horror, being the emote admin, took the brunt of the attacks, for, among other things, getting the NightLight emote of his boyfriend’s “fursona” added as a global emote.

People started changing their channel titles to “REMOVE HORROR” in an effort to get Horror removed from his position as admin. At some point, Horror joined Werster’s (a very well known Pokemon speedrunner) stream and Werster’s chat went crazy and called Horror pretty much anything you can think of (him being a gay furry and all). Werster was banned for this. 

Duke Bilgewater, one of the organizers of Awesome Games Done Quick, one of the largest speedrunning events in the world, made a joke about what was going on (it wasn’t offensive, something about asking how he could get into Horror’s pants so he could get a global emote too) and was also banned.

Duke Bilgewater, Peaches, and Werster getting banned set off the whole speedrunning community. Twitch attempted to censor threads/chats on Reddit and Twitch. The Twitch Support Twitter account ignored and berated people upset that they had been banned for uttering the phrase “remove Horror.” All the people named above are now unbanned, but many are still banned for rallying against the Twitch admins’ abuse of power.

Twitch released an “apology” earlier today that basically existed only to absolve Horror and the other admins of any wrongdoing, and place all of the blame on Twitch’s users. Horror was not removed, nor were any other admins who took part in the mass banning.

Anyway, to answer your question, the problem with Twitch is how unprofessionally they handled the situation (I use the word ‘handled’ loosely, all they really did was remove the NightLife emote and unban people who were “wrongly” banned in their eyes), and how they treated their users. The owners of Twitch don’t seem to realize that without the people who use and generate content for their website, they have no website. Banning partner accounts (often people who make a living off of Twitch) as well as other streamers and viewers simply for putting their first amendment right of free speech into action was an incredibly unprofessional way to handle the situation. Their Support Twitter account mocking people who had been banned was also extremely unprofessional. They seem to think that they, Horror especially, can get away with whatever they want, and if the Twitch community just lets this go, it only reinforces that idea. Action needs to be taken to show that the users of the website aren’t just going to sit around while Twitch shits all over them.

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