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oh yeah isnt there no self serve gas up there?

Yep, we’ve got underprivileged minorities and high school students to do that for us here

Oh, I almost forgot. When I was driving to work, I got an email saying that the password on my Origin account had been changed. I initially figured it was just a phishing email or something, but no, my password had actually been changed. I’m not sure what my password was on that account or how someone got access to it. The person proceeded to contact EA’s customer support in an attempt to get the email address on the account changed, but they weren’t able to do it before I got home, so I changed the password and enabled two-factor authentication, so that shouldn’t happen again. I don’t know why they wanted my account so bad, I only have Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims, and I think Battlefield 3 on it.

Summary of today:

-work went alright. Training lady was in meetings for most of the day so she didn’t bother me much. The supervisor lady was hovering a lot, but she tended to be more friendly and helpful today for some reason.

-one of my hard drives is dying. I’m not completely sure which one it is at this point, as my computer seems to be running fine now. I initially thought it was the 1TB Seagate, but my 250GB Hitachi has completely disappeared and isn’t being detected in Windows at the moment, so it could be either (or both…….)

-league got corrupted when my computer randomly froze, which probably had something to do with the hard drive(s) dying.

-I am eating a bagel with strawberry cream cheese.

-I got gas this morning and handed the guy my debit card (we have gas pump attendants here), and it ended up being ~$40, but I’ve been looking at my bank statement online, and the charge isn’t on there at all, so I guess I just got free gas maybe, unless it just doesn’t charge me until midnight or something weird. It’s not in the pending transactions either. The attendant cleaned my windshield for me.

-Got all caught up on the Northernlion stuff I’ve missed.

Looks like I get to deal with the annual hard drive death this weekend. This year it’s my 1TB Seagate Barracuda. It has all of my games and programs on it. It’s probably my most important hard drive….

Time to go to work.

I’m confused as to how that’s two-day shipping, that looks more like 7 days to me.

I’m confused as to how that’s two-day shipping, that looks more like 7 days to me.


Swans » “Money is Flesh”

Money is easy to get out of your flesh
When you get pain, you deserve it
When you get paid, you’re a servant
You deserve it
You deserve it

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today sucked but I can solve a rubik’s cube now, so it all evens out I guess

Who needs an alarm when you’ve got anxiety-fueled bowel incineration to wake you up before your alarm goes off

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