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Time to not be awake anymore, see you all tomorrow.

and I finished off the Gojira discography right as I finished the manga… except for L’Enfant Sauvage because I’m not staying up til 6 AM to listen to that album

finished the second half Nozoki Ana in one sitting. it was alright, some parts were very well-written, and other parts were stupid. it was decent overall, but it wasn’t anywhere near Punpun or Prison School. It was also very, very heavy on the hentai, and relatively light on the romance, which isn’t generally the sort of shit I enjoy reading. 5/10 or 6/10 maybe.

it’s almost 4 AM but I’m just now starting The Way of All Flesh. I must persevere 

apparently the day after my birthday is Joe Duplantier’s birthday, so I have to listen to the entire Gojira discography to atone for my lateness

Here’s version 1.0 of this essay I just wrote. No proofreading or revision…. the prompt I picked was just to explain why education should be primarily directed from state level, or from the federal level (I picked federal)

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this essay is going pretty well, it’s got some good arguments in it.

shadowtruth asked: What other bands sound like Midori?

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I need this without the subtitles

I need this without the subtitles

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